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Responsibilities in the Treasurer's office include the licensing of motor vehicles, the collection of sales tax, the collection of property taxes, the distribution of revenues received to the proper entities, the accounting of the revenues and disbursements, the registration of mobile machinery, the movement of mobile homes, and the payment of bonds issues for the hospital, the school, and
the county.

Shirley Study was re-elected as Campbell County Treasurer in 2002 and will continue to employ thirteen full time employees who share the responsibilities of the office.

By the end of June 2003, our office collected and distributed $208,891,991 to variousgovernmental entities. The distribution of these funds is dictated by Wyoming Statutes.

County Treasurer

Shirley Study has been the County Treasurer since 1979.  She has worked in the office since 1976.  She has been in Campbell County since 1968.

Contact Info:

PO Box 1027
500 S Gillette Ave, Ste 1700
Gillette, WY 82716

(307) 682-7268
(307) 687-6416 - Fax

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