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Clerk of District Court Judge

Nancy Ratcliff
Clerk of District Court

500 S Gillette Ave.
Suite 2600
PO Box 817
Gillette, WY 82716

District Judge's Office

Please note that judges are not able to give legal advice, and they are not able to speak with individuals about their cases unless all the parties in the case are present.

If you have procedural questions, please contact the Clerk of District Court's office at 307-682-3424.

District Judge’s Office Info

500 S. Gillette Ave. #2400
Gillette, WY  82716
Phone:  (307) 686-8517
Fax:  (307) 687-6426

Judge – Dan R. Price II
Court Reporter – Dwande LeMay
Administrative Assistant – Sally Musgrave

Judge – John R. Perry
Court Reporter – Rhonda S. Officer
Administrative Assistant – Janene D. Werkele

Judge – Michael N. “Nick” Deegan
Court Reporter – Ruth E. Collins
Administrative Assistant – J-Ann Cooper

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