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Welcome to the Campbell County Landfill

The Landfill no longer allows free dumping of yard waste. The cost to dump yard waste is $70 per ton.

Covered Loads Information

Begininning July 1, 2012, any load brought to the landfill that is not covered will be subject to a $25 fee. All loads must be covered, strapped in or tied down. This applies to ALL customers. Please see the flyer above for more information!

The Purpose of the Campbell County Landfill is to:

  • Provide a modern, efficient system for bailing and transferring solid waste from our bale station in Gillette to the landfill north of Gillette.
  • Safely dispose of household quanitites of hazardous waste and used oil.
  • Provide the citizens of Campbell County with a modern and efficient system to collect and recycle commodities.

Hours of operation are: 

Monday – Friday 
7:30am – 5:00pm
11:00am – 4:30pm 

Commercial loads must weighed in before 4:00 PM

Residential loads must vacate the Landfill by 5:00 PM 



$70.00 per ton

For municipal solid waste, and construction and demolition materials

$35.00 each For refrigerators, freezers (empty please), & AC units.
$3.00 each For passenger vehicle tires
$4.00 each For truck tires
$15.00 each For implement tires
$225.00 per ton For tires received in bulk


Clean pallets and clean lumber are accepted free of charge.

Most other large appliances are considered scrap metal and are also accepted free of charge.

*Free Dumping: Campbell County residents may dump two loads per month with a current copy of their electric bill. This is for residential use only and does not cover refrigerators, freezers, AC units, yardwaste, shingles or tires.

Landfill Procedures:

  • When entering the Landfill you will probably encounter a line at the weigh station. Vehicles are also likely to be waiting to exit using the same scale. Please wait your turn.
  • Pull on to the scale stopsign and exit your vehicle. Step inside the weigh station. You will be asked what your load consists of and be directed where to dump.
  • When exiting the landfill please stopsign on the scale. If you are not a free dump then return to the weigh station to pay for your load. Otherwise, remain in your vehicle and wait for the stoplight. stoplight

Hazardous Household Wastes

Engine Oil and Car Batteries - are accepted at our Recycling Center anytime, free of charge.

Latex Paint – Cans should be opened and allowed to dry completely. They then can be thrown out with your regular household garbage. *To speed up this process, waste paint hardener may be purchased at your local hardware store. Kitty litter or ashes mixed with paint also hastens drying time.


Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils

Soils contaminated with gasoline, diesel, clean used motor oil or crude oil, are accepted at the landfill provided they pass the paint filter test as set forth by the WYO D.E.Q. (EPA method 9095) which basically states that no free liquid shall be present.

The landfill accepts the soil year round (weather permitting) on the condition that the proper analyses have been performed and the results submitted to the Campbell County Environmental Services Planner for review. Once the soil has been approved for disposal, we require a 48 hour notice prior to delivery.

Procedures for testing soil:

  1. The soil must be tested for the DRO (diesel range organics), GRO (gasoline range organics), and TCLP (metals). Energy Labs @ 307-686-7175 is able to perform these tests.
  2. Results of the tests should then be submitted to the Public Works Office (Suite 1400) at the Campbell County Courthouse.

Or you can mail to:

Campbell County Landfill, C/O Public Works
500 South Gillette Avenue, Suite 1400, Gillette, WY 82716

Campbell County reserves the right to require the completetion of additional forms and the right to refuse any load containing plastic, concrete, asphalt chunks or other debris.

Please direct inquiries to:

Campbell County Landfill,C/O Dept. of Public Works
500 S. Gillette Avenue, Suite 1400
Gillette, Wyoming 82716 (307) 682-9499

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