Camps and Trips for Teens

Teen Camps

2017 National Basketball Academy Offensive Skills Camp

Please see links below for camp flyer and registration form:

Basketball Academy Offensive Skills Camp Flyer

Basketball Camp Registration Form

Teen Trips

The Campbell County Recreation Center offers summer activities for teens, 12-16 years of age. These low-cost trips give your teen an opportunity to experience supervised, fun activities in the surrounding area. They will have a great time and meet new friends all during your work day! Check out the following programs scheduled:

Space is limited.

For questions, please contact Stephanie Stuber at (307)682-8527 or

Click here for the Summer Trip Flyer
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Horseback Trail Rides - May 29 & July 28

 Wyoming Outback Company is your one stop shop for horsing around in Campbell County, Wyoming. Located outside of Gillette they will offer a beginner rider lesson with a focus on safety, rider control and confidence. They will supply the horses, tack, saddles and equipment needed so all you have to do is show up, get on, sit back and relax! We keep our guides trail ride groups small for a very relaxing, enjoyable experience. We will leave the Recreation Center at 1:00 PM and return by 5:00 PM.
FEE: $48 per person - includes transportation, riding lessons, and guided trail rides.
*Limited to 5 participants (per trip).*
*Mandatory release form required *

Geocaching - June 2

 Looking for a fun way to exercise both the mind and body? Geocaching is a fun way for youth to learn how to navigate a GPS (Global Positioning System) while searching for hidden treasures and caches. This will involve a short training session at the Recreation Center and an afternoon looking for caches of goodies hidden around town. Bring your own snacks and drinks. We will meet at the Recreation Center at 1:00 PM and will return by 5:00 PM.
FEE: $15 per person - includes transportation, GPS units and Geocaching trade items. 
*Limited to 9 participants*

Cook Lake Fishing Trip - June 12

 This trip takes you to the Black Hills for a day of fishing at Cook Lake. Cook Lake has a variety of fish including brown trout, catfish, bream, bluegill, and rainbow trout. Bring your own fishing gear and lunch. We will meet at the Recreation Center at 9:00 AM and return by 5:00 PM.
FEE: $12 per person - includes transportation and day use park fee.
*Limited to 18 participants*
*Fishing license required for anyone 14 years of age or older.*

Inflatable Laser Tag Arena - June 16

 JR's Laser Tag is Gillette's newest 900 square foot inflatable laser tag arena. Teams of up to 8 players battle each other with laser guns, dodging the beams of their opponents and returning fire. Bring on this battle inside the obstacle laser tag maze through black lights, strobe lights and a mist of fog that will definitely add to the excitement! We will meet at the Recreation Center at 1:00 PM playing inside the Field House and be ready for by pickup by 4:00 PM.
FEE: $20 per person - includes 3 hours of inflatable laser tag.
*Limited to 24 participants*

Prime Time Paintball Trips - July 14 & August 11

 Calling all paintball fanatics! Bring your friends and join us for an exciting afternoon of fun and friendly competition - playing paintball in nearby fields outside of town. Splat your way into fun and register today! We will leave the Recreation Center at 1:00 PM and return by 5:00 PM.

FEE: $29 per person - includes transportation, paintball gun rental, hopper, safety mask, CO2 and one bag of 500 paintballs. 
*Limited to 20 participants (per trip). 
*Mandatory release form required*

Knockerball - July 17

 Knockerball is the all-encompassing, protective, safe, single chambered ball of air with inner handles and shoulder straps that enables you to almost literally defy gravity. Colliding into your opponent on the field was never so gratifying. Get ready to flip, bash and roll your way into fun. Wanna get in the ball? Register today to save your bubble! We will meet at Lasting Legacy Park Soccer Fields at 1:00 PM and be ready for pickup at 4:00 PM.
FEE: $22 per person - includes three hours of Knockerball.
*Limited to 24 participants*