Learn to Skate Lessons

Campbell County Parks and Recreation Department offers Learn to Skate Lessons taught by the local Junior A Gillette Wild Hockey coaches and players. All children ages 4 and up are invited to participate. Whether you are a future figure skater, future hockey player or just want to enjoy open skate time safely, join our Learn to Skate program to learn to ice skate and have tons of fun.

LOCATION: Spirit Hall Ice Arena

SESSIONS: Session 1: October 3 - November 30
Session Registration Deadline: September 26

Session 2: January 9 - March 1
Session Registration Deadline: December 28

DAYS: Mondays & Wednesdays

TIMES: 5:15 - 5:45 p.m. Walker, Beginner & Figure
Skating Basics
5:45 - 6:15 p.m. Hockey Skills, Figure Skating

FEE: $90 per student
*includes 10 free open skate passes

**All participants are required to wear helmets, gloves and long pants on ice. Bike helmets are sufficient
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This is for all new skaters. Any individual that has NOT participated in the LTS program will start here. Only exception will be skaters who are older and have had formal skating experience.l As with all levels, coaches reserve the right to move skaters up at any time. To advance, all skaters at this level must be able to fully function on the ice without the assistance of a walker. Skater must be able to get up off the ice without assistance, move across the width of the ice without assistance and have a basic grasp of balance.


At the completion or passing of the Walker level, skaters will advance to the Beginner Level. This level will concentrate on edge work and control through C-cuts going both forward and backwards, stride (push and recover), snow plow stops, and basic transitions from forward to backwards and backwards to forward.

Hockey Skills

Hockey students will use helmets, glove and sticks. Areas of focus will be cross-overs, transitions and pivots, backward and forward strides, inside and outside edge control, hockey stops (both forward and backward, power starts, cross-over starts, balance and agility, lock point turns and speed transitions.

Figure Skating Basics

Figure skating basics will focus on edge work, balance, agility, starts, stops as well as "3" turns and swizzles. As the class advances participants will begin the fundamentals of skating backwards and backwards edge work. The goals for this class are to empower the participant and build a 'love of the ice' while working on individual and group skills.

Figure Skating Intermediate

Figure skating intermediate will focus on the refinement of figure skating basics. In this class, skaters will be introduced to simple synchronized routines and foot work, pivots, spins and basic jumps. The goals for this class are to empower participants, promote team work, physical fitness and build self-esteem while enjoying figure skating and that "love of the ice." All decisions regarding placement in this level will be left up to the figure skating director.

Please note that these classes are not one-on-one private lessons. Our goal is to ensure that class size is not more than 6 students to one instructor. All instructors will be members of the Junior Wild Hockey program. They will be taught how and what to instruct by Junior Wild Coach Brendon Hodge.

For more information about Learn To Skate, contact Jessica Gladson at jmg77@ccgov.net or call 682-8527.