The Salvation Army Gillette Service Unit

The Gillette Salvation Army Unit has been serving the local community for more than 55 years.

On a day-to-day basis, the primary function of the Gillette Service Unit of the Salvation Army is to provide one-time rent and utility assistance to low income families in need, here in Campbell County. This can include one-time rent or utility deposits to help homeless obtain a home of their own.

From October 2012 to September 2013, your local Salvation Army Unit has paid:
  • $99,259 for housing for 182 Gillette families
  • $15,517 for utilities for 58 Gillette families
  • $7,753 for travel assistance for 161 households
The Salvation Army works in close partnership with the Council of Community Services to avoid duplication while being able to keep poverty-level and low income families avoid homelessness and keep the lights and heat on.

The Army also helped with work necessities such as steel-toed boots necessary to start a new job, paid for gasoline to get to and from work until the first paycheck, and helps provide for emergency needs.

The Salvation Army also has state-wide resources which we can call upon in times of emergency or disaster, including their mobile kitchen based in Casper, Wyoming.

During the aftermath of the Wright, Wyoming Tornado in August of 2005, the Salvation Army coordinated on Campbell County's behalf the spontaneous volunteers which flooded in to assist, and was an integral part of the work done by the Long-Term-Disaster-Recovery Committee.
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Glenda Harvey
Director/Case Worker

The Salvation Army

First Interstate Bank Bldg #608
Mailing Address: Box 161
Gillette, WY 82717
Phone: (307) 682-6982
Fax: (307) 682-4670

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