SHIMOKAWARA KARATE - This is a traditional Japanese Karate Class focusing on self- defense techniques.  The values stressed during training are respect, discipline, obedience, hard work and self-esteem.  A variety of stimulating drills and skits keep the training challenging and exciting to children, yet applicable to their improvements in the art of Japanese Karate and Chinese Kempo.  The Martial Arts is family oriented and parents are encouraged to participate with their children.
DAYS:  Tuesdays and Thursdays

DATES: Session I:     January 3 - 31
             Session II:    February 2 - 28
             Session III:   March 2 - 30
TIME:  Beginner/Intermediate class    7:00 - 8:00 p.m. 
           Advanced class                     8:00 - 9:00 p.m.
AGE: 4 years of age and up          
FEE: $27.00 Single per month, $50.00 Family per month
         *Students are required to buy a Gi (Karate Uniform - Purchased from the instructor
           for a cost of $40.00)
LOCATION: September - May: Sage Valley Junior High - Gym 3
                   June - August:  Recreation Center Field House, Courts 1 & 2

HEAD INSTRUCTOR: Sensei Sandra Kinnear
INSTRUCTORS: Shihan John Harvey
                           Sensei Butch Hoyle
                           Sensei Callista Powell
                           Sensei Breanna Hoyle
                           Sensei Tetsu Ota
                           Sensei Tyler Kinnear
                           Sensei Shelby Brunson.
                                      Ravan Lang

If you are interested in women's self-defense classes, contact the Campbell County Parks and Recreation Center at 682-8527.  When 10 or more people are interested, a class will be set up.

For more information, contact Doug Meade at DRM77@ccgov.net or call 682-8527.
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