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Campbell County Emergency Management uses the CodeRED notification System to issue alerts and advisories to the public.


As most of us "call-screen" using our Caller ID at home and on our cell phones... when you receive a message from CodeRED, your Caller ID will display one of two numbers.

When we are formatting the message in the system, we have to select whether it is to be an "Emergency" or a "General" message. The Caller ID phone number displayed will depend upon which box is checked.

If we send it out as an "Emergency" will display the phone number


If we send it out as a "General" will display the phone number


I would suggest you enter both of those phone numbers in your cell phone's address "CodeRED" (or whatever name you choose) then displays as the incoming caller and you'll be more likely to answer the call rather than send it to voice mail.

(One nice feature of this new system...if you get a call from either of those two numbers and then call it back, it will recognize your phone number as to where you are calling from and then immediately play back the last message sent to our area.)

If you are having problems with your CodeRED account, you can contact ECN (the CodeRED Company) by sending them an email at and they'll either email you the answer or give you a phone call.

Emergency Advisories, Alerts and Warnings...

Community Notification Enrollment (CNE)

CodeRED is a system that contains our "best-available" phone numbers of "wired" phones to call individuals and businesses within Campbell County. We can use it to call large numbers of these telephones in a hurry when there is an urgent or emergency message to deliver.

Since January of 2000, we used a similar system to notify citizens of searches for missing children, water line breaks, evacuations, etc....many people think of it as sort of a reverse 9-1-1 notification system.

However, as technology has changed, many individuals and families are now going "unwired" and rely solely on their cell phones. So, if we need to make an emergency out-call to the public, we don't have those cell numbers and you won't get the notification. CodeRED allows you to create your own private account on our system where you can input your phone number and address information, and ensure you get these emergency calls.

You can create your own account in CodeRED to receive our messages.

Simply Click Here to be taken to the enrollment page to ensure your information is correct.

(By the way, CodeRED's registration screen works best with either Google Chrome, Firefox or Apple Safari browsers. It sometimes hangs up when you use Internet Explorer)

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Of Course There's an App for your Smart Phone!

CodeRED has an App for either iPhone's or Android's.
Click Here and download the free CodeRED Mobile Alert app! Or, you can simply scan the QR code to the left and it will take you there.

Why do you need the App? The App is "Geo-Aware," meaning It pays attention to where you are and if a CodeRED Alert is issued for the area you are in (anywhere in the Nation), you'll get the alert!

And, if you want weather warnings for wherever you are, you can sign up for that through the App (but it does have an annual fee for that service.)

There is no charge to receive any CCEMA advisories or notices.