What species are the Weed and Pest mostly concerned with?

We are most concerned about Noxious species

  • If you have home or garden insects, the Extension Office is a great resource
  • If you have home/garden weeds, a local retailer's herbicides are typically effective against these species

Do I need to calibrate my sprayer?

Yes, otherwise you will not know the amount of pesticide you are applying

What if I have a noxious species but have no equipment to treat it with?

We rent a variety of equipment to the public for control of different species, we do not recommend that you use these sprayers on your lawn or garden.
  • 200 gallon Truck Bed Sprayer ($10/day)
  • 50 gallon ATV Pull-Behind Sprayer ($10/day)
  • 300 gallon Truck Pull-Behind Boom Sprayer ($10/day)
  • Live Box Traps ($1/day). Renter is responsible for animal removal.
  • Burrow Builder Hand Probe ($2/day)
  • Burrow Builder Tractor Attachment ($10/day)

How do I get my hay certified as Weed Free Forage?

  1. Contact us at 307-682-4369 and set up an inspection.
  2. We will inspect the field BEFORE HARVEST and any adjacent land (ROW, ditches, shelterbelts, etc)
  3. If it passes inspection, the field must be harvested within 7 days

Do you have a product the kills every type of weed?

Round Up or Glyphosate Herbicides will kill everything that is actively growing.

However, there is no magic herbicide available that is able to selectively kill undesirable species of weeds while not affecting desirable species.