Noxious Species

Noxious Species of Wyoming and Campbell County

Designated WY Noxious Weeds
Field Bindweed Canada Thistle  Leafy Spurge 
Perennial Sowthistle Quackgrass  Hoary Cress (Whitetop) 
Perennial Pepperweed Ox-eye Daisy  Common Mullein 
Russian Knapweed Yellow toadflax  Dalmatian Toadflax 
Scotch Thistle Musk Thistle  Common Burdock 
Plumeless Thistle Dyers Woad  Houndstongue 
Spotted Knapweed Diffuse Knapweed  Purple Loosestrife 
Saltcedar Common St. Johnswort  Common Tansy 
Russian Olive Black Henbane  Medusahead
 Ventenata  Yellow Starthistle  

Designated WY Noxious Pests
Grasshopper Mormon Cricket  Prairie Dogs 
Ground Squirrels Mountain Pine Beetle  Beet Leafhopper 

Campbell County Declared Noxious Weeds and Pests
Buffalobur Common Cocklebur 
Poison Hemlock Jointed Goatgrass