Programs from other Weed and Pest Control Districts around the State

Black Tailed Prairie Dog Control Project

Campbell County Weed and Pest did not have a formal Prairie Dog Control Project this year, but continued to work with landowners from the previous three years on retreatment and touch up efforts on the 21,000 acres treated during previous projects.

Leafy Spurge Control Program

Our summer crews continued its fierce fight against Leafy Spurge.This year’s backpack crews treated over180 acres of infestations. About a 20% increase of acres treated from the previous season. As we see most populations decrease, we seem to find new ones that had not been treated previously leading to the increase in acres. If you have this problem weed on your property please contact the office for control options.

Small Acreage Program

This was the first year of the Small Acreage Program, which was converted from the Early Detection Rapid Response Program of 2015-16. This programs target species were Dalmatian Toadflax, Whitetop, and Knapweed. The crew treated about 100 acres of Dalmatian Toadflax, 40 acres of Whitetop, and 70 acres of Knapweeds during the summer season. If you have any of these species on your property and would like to enroll in this program please contact the office.