Programs from other Weed and Pest Control Districts around the State

2015 Prairie Dog Program

Campbell County Weed and Pest is currently has a control program in the area of Weston and Rocky Point Road (About 35 miles NE of Gillette). There is roughly 14,000 acres mapped for this project.

2013-2015 Russian Knapweed Control Program

Campbell County Weed and Pest is currently implementing chemical control of Russian Knapweed along the Little Powder River Drainage north of Gillette along Highway 59. This project is in its third and final year. In the fall of 2013 about 1600 acres were treated starting just north of Rawhide Mine and ending at the point at which the Little Powder River intersects Heald Road. Treatment also included the Cottonwood Creek drainage to its intersection of Heald Road. Last year's treatment area expands to around 2300 acres and started at the previous year’s ending point and continue up the drainage to about 3 miles north of Elk Creek Road and Highway 59 Intersection. The project will finish up this fall, when about 1200 more acres are sprayed from the north ending point from 2014 to the Montana state line. Early result from the first year’s treatment show great results.

Leafy Spurge Control Program

Leafy Spurge Crews treated over 150 acres of infestations in the quest to control the spread of this species throughout the county. Once again, the Cottonwood Creek area and the northwest corner of the county near the Powder River were the main focusing points of the program. If your property has a leafy spurge problem, please contact us for more information about the program.

2015 Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR)-Dalmatian Toadflax

There has been large increase in Dalmatian Toadflax, especially in and around Gillette in last few years. This species is not widespread throughout the county, so we wanted to implement an EDRR program to help private landowners get a handle on this weed. We offered removal of the species, either mechanically or chemically depending on the situation, for no charge to the landowner. During this program over 85 acres were treated with herbicide, with another portion probably 10-15 acres being hand pulled. This program will likely continue into 2016.