Programs from other Weed and Pest Control Districts around the State

Early Detection Rapid Response-Dalmatian Toadflax Program

In our second year of implementing this free program, we saw landowner participation double from the 2015 season. Naturally this lead to a large increase in treatment acres, going from about 90 acres to almost 375 acres. With recent budget cuts, we have decided to dissolve this exact program, but treatment will be available at a cost share price in our new Small Acreage Program.

Black Tailed Prairie Dog Control Project

Campbell County Weed and Pest recently finished a control project in the area of Elk Creek/Olmstead Roads (About 45 miles NE of Gillette) and SA Road (About 45 NW of Gillette) for black tailed prairie dogs. There were roughly 4,500 acres treated for this project. This projects completes three consecutive years of fall prairie dog control projects, which have combined to treat over 21,000 acres.

Leafy Spurge Control Program

Our summer crews continued its fierce fight against Leafy Spurge. This year’s backpack crews treated almost 150 acres of infestations. About 25% of these acres were new infestations, while our known infestations saw a population drop by almost a third. If you have this problem weed on your property please contact us for control options.

Small Acreage Program

Starting in 2016, the district will have a small acreage crew that will primarily treat infestations of Dalmatian Toadflax, Knapweeds, and Whitetop. These species are of the upmost concern for our district, and are attempting to eradicate small populations and stop these species before they become widespread throughout the county. This will be a cost share program, which likely will be a flat fee based on acres treated. If you have these species, please contact us this spring for further details.