Geographic Information Systems

The Campbell County Geographic Information Systems program provides maps and data to citizens and government to aid them in their work and decision making. The GIS Coordinator maintains an enterprise database that contains information from the city, county, state, federal and other data stewards, making it available through internet maps and map products.
Voters can find their polling location on election day. Businesses looking to relocate to the area can check the zoning districts and overlay that with parcel data to verify if potential sites are the appropriate size. These and lots of other questions can be answered utilizing the county GIS data.

Access our Online Maps

interactive map

Story Map of Campbell County History

A fun and easy to use interactive map for history and Campbell County buffs to learn about historic locations throughout the county and surrounding area.
one percent
One Percent Tax Map
 A map showing locations around the county of agencies and organizations that are beneficiaries of the funds raised by the optional 1% sales tax.
online mapping

County Online Map

This map has multiple layers of data about the county including aerial imagery that can be overlaid in different configurations to answer all sorts of questions regarding zoning, ownership, political boundaries, and transportation among others.
esriSpecial Achievement in GIS 2012 Award Winner