Felony Treatment Court

Felony Treatment Court is a collaborative effort of the legal system, mental health professionals, educational systems, and law enforcement agencies, to provide comprehensive treatment and rehabilitative services for non-violent drug and alcohol abusing Felony offenders. Felony Treatment Court provides intensive treatment, supervision, drug testing, and monitoring to achieve successful treatment outcomes.

When a person enters the Felony Treatment Court Program, an individual case plan for treatment is developed. The Felony Treatment Court Program consists of five (5) phases of treatment. Each phase of treatment has different requirements and will take at least twelve (12) months to complete. If a person has difficulty completing the requirements of the program, the treatment program may last longer than one (1) year to complete.

The Felony Treatment Court has had 192 successful Graduates since its inception in 2002.

What does the Felony Treatment court program look like?

  • Four different levels of intensive probation supervision
  • Five different phases of substance treatment (minimum 112 hours)
  • Electronic/GPS monitoring during Level I
  • Frequent random alcohol and drug tests and home visits
  • Contact with approved visitors only
  • Attendance at other programs such as: nutrition classes, financial management, parenting classes, and high school equivalency tutoring
  • Attendance at no less that two weeks recovery groups outside of treatment
  • Full time employment and/or school
  • Requirement to achieve at least a high school equivalency degree
  • Mandatory attendance at drug court sessions held every Tuesday
  • Payments of $225 monthly ($2,700 minimum) until successful completion of the program.