Mary Lynn Andersen

On August 10, 1983, the body of an unidentified female homicide victim was discovered at the state gravel pit on North highway 59 by state highway department employees. The Wyoming State Crime Lab estimated that the female's death occurred approximately on year prior to the discovery of the body. In June of 2014, through DNA samples submitted by her parents, sister and daughter, the female was identified as Mary Lynn Andersen, who was reported missing to the Becker County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota in 1986.

Mary was 23 years old when her family last heard from her in 1982, when she was living in Gillette. Mary traveled frequently and had occasional contact with her family. She wasn't reported missing until her family hadn't heard from her for several years.

Mary was in Gillette in October 1982, when she spent about a week in the Gillette hospital. She may have been in Gillette as early as May of 1982. Mary sometimes used her married name, Shondel, and may have been in Gillette with her husband, Herb Shondel.

Mary had epilepsy and had grand mal seizures as often as once a week. Because of the seizures, she was unable to drive or hold down a job. Mary was about 5/6" tall, weighed 120 pounds and had brown hair and brown eyes.

Andersen photoA Andersen photoB

If you have information about Mary or her death, please contact:
Campbell County Sheriff's Office Dispatch 307-682-7271
Captain Eric Seeman 307-687-6174
Investigator Kim Jones 307-687-6178
Crime Stoppers 307-228-4276