Wyoming Public Lands Initiative - Fortification Creek Wilderness Study Area

Committee Members

 Name County Represented
Sector Represented
 Todd Anderson  Campbell Sportsman
 Dave Clarendon
Sheridan Conservation
 LD Gilbertz
 Karlon K. Knudson
Johnson AG/Ranching
 James W. Hansen
Sheridan Energy
 Barry J. Hayden
Debra A. Hepp
Campbell Conservation
Levi J. Jensen
Campbell Recreation
 Wallace J. Leastman
Campbell General Public
 Teresa C. Little
Johnson & Sheridan
 Bryna M. Long
Johnson General Public
 Jeremy L. Murphey
Campbell Sportsman

Meeting Dates and Locations

February 6, 2017 6:30 p.m.
Campbell County Courthouse
Commissioners Chambers


Buffalo Resource Management Plan
BLM Fortification Creek Resource Management Plan Amendment
Designated Wilderness & Wilderness Study Areas in Wyoming
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Wyoming Public Lands Initiative Principals and Guidelines
WPLI Advisory Committee Toolbox
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Fortification Creek Wilderness Study Area
Fortification Creek WSA with Surrounding Landowners

**Resources courtesy of Wyoming County Commissioners Association - Wyoming Public Lands Initiative & Bureau of Land Management Buffalo Field Office