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  1. Ventenata Grass-New Invasive Found in Campbell County

    This grass was recently found in our county. This comes shortly after it was found in Sheridan County. Click the link below for info on the species. If you find this grass, please contact us.
  2. Rozol Prairie Dog Bait is now available for purchase

    Rozol is a Restricted Use Pesticide which requires an applicator license to purchase or apply, it's application window is from October 1st to March 15th. Please call ahead, as the product may be out of stock for short periods of time.
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Ventenata Grass information, pictures, and management-  LINK
Campbell County Weed and Pest Board Chairman Chuck Tweedy presents Shawn Acord with a belt buckle for being the recipient of the 2015 Alvin Gray Memorial Award for outstanding weed and pest cooperator of the year.

Campbell County Weed and Pest District is here to provide farmers, ranchers, landowners, and citizens of the county with help controlling noxious species. 
Our services include: education, advice, pesticide sales, programs, and equipment that can help the people of Campbell County in the fight against these species. With everyone working together, we can stop the expansion of noxious weeds and pests throughout the county.

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