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One Book One Community 2017

One Book One Community selection

End of Night by Paul Bogard

Einstein portrayed by Duffy Hudson

Einstein portrayed by Duffy Hudson

Paul Bogard, "The End of Night" author

Paul Bogard

A Summer to Eclipse All Others

     On August 21, people across the United States will get to watch the sun disappear behind the moon, turning daylight into twilight, causing a rapid temperature drop and revealing streamers of light around the silhouette of the moon during the Great American Solar Eclipse. The 70 mile wide path of 100% totality will make its way across Wyoming just 90 minutes south of Campbell County (where we’ll see the eclipse at 97%).
    Campbell County Public Library System (CCPLS) has a summer of events planned at your libraries in Gillette and Wright to get you ready for this spectacular event. 

•One Book One Community 2017

• Kickoff June 1

•Trivia Night

• June 12

•Eclipse Wilderness Survival Skills

 • June 29, July 13, July 20

•Albert Einstein

 • August 2

•Book Discussions

• August 15

•Paul Bogard

, One Book One Community Author • August 18 and 19


One Book One Community 2017

will kick off June 1 featuring The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light by Paul Bogard. Two hundred "read-and-pass-on" copies are being distributed throughout Gillette and Wright. Pick up a copy at your libraries in Gillette and Wright.
    The concept of One Book One Community, says CCPLS Director Terri Lesley, is to "create the feeling of a county-wide book club, where residents of different ages and backgrounds read and discuss one book. Overall, your library is encouraging county residents to read the book and pass it on to someone else, attend community eclipse events and watch the eclipse August 21."
    Award-winning author Bogard has been featured talking about our night skies on NPR’s All Things Considered, Public Radio International’s Living on Earth, as well as many other radio programs, speaking engagements, and newspaper articles. The End of Night is (from the book cover) "a deeply panoramic tour of the night, from its brightest spots to the darkest skies we have left."
    Bogard will speak at Campbell County Public Library (CCPL) August 18 and at Wright Branch Library (WBL) August 19 kicking off the Energy Capital Eclipse Festival August 19-21. Pick up a copy of Bogard’s book, to read and pass along, at your libraries in Gillette and Wright.

•Trivia Night @ Gillette Brewing Company

• June 12, 7pm

• Librarians will host this eclipse-themed night and pass out One Book One Community books to all.

•Eclipse Wilderness Survival Skills

 • If you’re heading into the wilderness to view the eclipse away from city lights, don’t miss the following events.

  • Survival Skills I: Day Hikes

    • CCPL: June 29, 7pm

    • presented by Mike Miller, Teacher and Outdoorsman • Miller is a Wyoming native who has shared his experience and enthusiasm of the great outdoors with his family, friends, students, and colleagues, sparking life-long enjoyment and appreciation of outdoor adventures in all. During this program, he’ll discuss how to prepare for a hike into the wilderness so you can view this spectacular astronomical sight as one with nature.
  • Survival Skills II: Outdoor Survival


    • CCPL: July 13, 5:30pm

    • presented by Rachel Woita, Bureau of Land Managment Outdoor Recreation Planner • This program will cover the basics of human survival in the wild: Seven Basic Survival Needs; Psychology of Survival; Four Human Needs; Risks; What to Bring; What to Wear; Finding Directions
  • Survival Skills III: Living in Bear Country

    • CCPL: July 20, 5:30pm

    • presented by Wyoming Game & Fish Department: Bud Stewart, Public Information Specialist; Dusty Lasseter, Bear Wise Coordinator • This presentation will teach you how to stay safe in bear, lion and wolf country. By learning about large carnivore biology, behavior, and ecology you can greatly reduce your risk of an aggressive encounter while recreating in the outdoors.

•Albert Einstein : Relativity and Solar Eclipse

• CCPL: August 2, 6:30pm

• portrayed by Duffy Hudson • Actor, director, writer, teacher and filmmaker Duffy Hudson will perform his one-man show as scientist Albert Einstein. Mr. Einstein will convey the essence of Special and General Relativity and take the audience on a tour of what happens during a solar eclipse. 

Book Discussions

The End of Night by Paul Bogard • Discussion lead by WBL and CCPL librarians.

WBL: August 15, 5:30pm
CCPL: August 15, 6:30pm

•Paul Bogard, award-winning author of The End of Night

CCPL: August 18, 7pm
WBL: August 19, 11am

In a presentation created especially for this event, Bogard will speak at CCPL and WBL kicking off the Energy Capital Eclipse Festival August 19-21. He will share the history of solar (and lunar) eclipses and draw upon The End of Night to describe the wonders of watching the Wyoming sky, whether it be a single morning’s solar eclipse, or a night sky that fills with countless suns every day of the year.