Campbell County Penny Power: Your Pennies at Work

The One Percent Sales Tax (Penny Power) was first passed by the voters of Campbell County in 1976. In the 4o-plus years the tax has been in place it has been used to support projects such as:

  • County road maintenance
  • Senior citizens programs and facilities
  • Upgrading of emergency and safety equipment 
  • Service and improvement district grant program 
  • Youth programs and equipment
  • Solid waste operations
  • Capital facilities maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Substance abuse prevention, education and treatment
  • Gillette College
  • Community beautification projects
  • Improvement and Service Districts support grants
  • Human service providers contracts for services

Penny Power Tax Listening Sessions

Campbell County, the City of Gillette and the Town of Wright, hosted a series of listening sessions designed to educate the public on how the Penny Power tax is used and to provide citizens the opportunity to share their thoughts on the Penny Power tax. The Penny Power Listening Sessions were held on the following dates:

Each of the Penny Power Listening Sessions has been archived and can be viewed on Gillette Public Access (GPA TV) on their Government Channel 192.

Compiled Public Comment Spreadsheet

Campbell County GIS Interactive Penny Power Story Map

The Campbell County Surveying/GIS division has developed a user-friendly interactive map that allows the public to see exactly where their pennies have been spent. The Campbell County Penny Power Story Map is compatible with all web browsers and devices, including mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. 

Penny Power Citizen Surveys

Campbell County One Percent Resolutions

Campbell County Penny Power Spending Graph Fiscal Years 2014-18

Campbell County One Percent expenditures graph demonstrating the county's one percent tax expendi

Wyoming Statutes 39-15-203 through 39-15-204, established by the Wyoming Legislature, outline how the Penny Power tax can be imposed, as well as the limitations of the tax.

Penny Power Election Results since 1976

Year For Ballot Measure
Against Ballot Measure
Total Votes Cast
% Passed
1976 2,708 2,213 Not Available
Not Available
1978 3,232 1,506 Not Available
Not Available
4,355 3,307 Not Available
Not Available
1982 4,773 2,375 Not Available
Not Available
1984 6,141 3,910 Not Available
Not Available
1986 5,475
Not Available
Not Available
1988 6,345 2,788 9,326 69%
1990 6,554 1,840 8,752 71%
1994 8,452 2,509 11,140 77%
1998 6,146
2,285 8,646 73%
2002 6,824 3,221 10,403 66%
2006 7,627 3,254 11,081 70%
2010 7,590 3,618 11,464 66%
2014 6,352 4,347 10,824 59%
2018 8,068 4,870 12,938