Foreclosure Sales

Auctions on Property Foreclosures

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office conducts foreclosure sales for Campbell County, Wyoming on Wednesday mornings starting at 10:00 am (unless it is a holiday) in the lobby of the Campbell County Courthouse, 500 S Gillette Avenue, Gillette, Wyoming. Law firms and banks wishing to schedule foreclosures should contact Records at 307-687-6164 prior to setting an auction date. The Sheriff Fee for conducting a foreclosure is $10 payable by cash or  business check (no personal checks). 

Notices are published in the Gillette News Record with all pertinent information. Foreclosures are changed and cancelled often. We do not publish a calendar. We are happy to provide any information by phone. 

I want to bid on property. What do I do?

In order to bid on a foreclosed property you must present a pre-qualification letter from a lending source on letterhead, dated within three (3) business days before the sale, stating the amount you are approved to bid. You or a representative must be present to bid on the property. No bidding by phone will be allowed. The auction is held on the courthouse steps at the date and time listed.

Is there a minimum bid?

Yes, the law firm or title company representing the mortgage company will be present and supply the opening bid. 

If I am the highest bidder what is the process?

If you are the successful bidder fund in the full amount must be presented to the Campbell County Sheriff's Office, 600 W. Boxelder Road, Gillette, WY, within the hour after being the successful bidder. If the funds are not received, the next highest bidder has the opportunity to purchase the property at their highest bid price. For residential property the money is held for a period of three months during which time the lien holder has the opportunity to satisfy the loan. After the initial three month period, each junior lien holder has a 30 day period to satisfy the loan. The funds will be forwarded to the law firm representing the mortgage company. The funds from the sale will earn interest at 10% and is refunded if the lien is satisfied by one of the primary or junior lien holders.

Am I responsible for any liens, taxes or other filings against the property?

Yes. It is the buyers' responsibility to find out if there are any filings against the property. The Sheriff's Office is not responsible for disclosing this information. 

It is highly recommended you obtain the services of a licensed attorney if you are unfamiliar with the foreclosure process in the State of Wyoming.