Wellness Committee

Meeting Time:

8:15 a.m.
The second Wednesday of every month

  • Gina Carpenter, Chairman (CAM-PLEX)
  • Jennifer Snowden-Tarver, Member (Sheriff's Office)
  • Denise Fuller, Secretary (Treatment Court)
  • Alexandra Mansur, Member (Extension Office)
  • Phil Harvey, Member (ITS)
  • Becky Prelle, Member (Library)
  • Kate Eischeid, Member (Fire Dept.)
  • Faye Jorgenson, Member (Human Resources / Risk Management)
  • Doug Barrett, Member (Airport)
  • Sasha Beck, Member (Public Health)
  • Darla Cotton, Member (Parks & Recreation)
  • Wendy Balo, Vice Chair (Public Works)
  • Sarah Knoll, Member (CDS-CC)
  • Char Edwards, Member (Attorney's Office)
  • Charlotte Terry, HR Liaison (Human Resources / Risk Management)

Additional Information

The Campbell County Wellness Program is a program offered to help Campbell County employees to become aware of methods to improve their lifestyles. County employees who are eligible for benefits can participate in the Wellness Program. Some of the programs offered throughout the year are the Meltdown Program, Maintenance Program, Lunch and Learns, Wellness Family Fun Night, Smoking Cessation, and the Blood Draw.
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