Employee Recognition Committee


  • Heather Harvey, Member (Parks & Recreation)
  • Allie Buechler, Member (Treasurer's Office)
  • Sara Kuhbacher, Member (Library)
  • Faye Jorgenson, HR Liaison (Human Resources / Risk Management)
  • Laurin Hardy, Member (Sheriff's Office)
  • Shelley Ailts, Member (Cam-Plex)
  • Melissia Kershner, Member (Public Works)
  • Keenan Mumm, Member (Children's Developmental Services)
  • Natalie Linneman, Member (Information Technology Services)

Additional Information

The Campbell County Employee Recognition Committee helps plan and organize the annual County Picnic and Winter Gathering. The ERC also meets monthly to select the employee of the month.
2013 ERC with the Entertainer
2014 Winter Gathering