Agriculture & Natural Resources

Profitable & Sustainable Ag Systems

Program areas:
  • Agriculture business / agriculture economics
  • Livestock nutrition / supplementation
  • Oilseed crops in Wyoming
  • Rural land management
  • Weed management

Pesticide Testing

Due to the Covid-19 distancing and travel restrictions adopted by UW, all scheduled in-person UW training and testing at Extension offices has been suspended at least through June 30, 2020. 

Full Details and Links to all required documents can be found at the UW-PSEP website using this link: 

All licenses issued under the Temporary Seasonal exception expire on January 31, 2021

Questions concerning 1) existing license holders wishing to renew or 2)individuals seeking a new commercial applicators license.

  1. Individuals seeking to renew a commercial license can get the majority (up to 20 of 24) of their CEU’s on-line this year. Here is a link to UW courses  There are other courses accepted by Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA), that can be found at this webpage
  2. Individuals seeking a new commercial license are encouraged to contact Wes Brown ( at the WDA. The WDA will determine the most appropriate route of licensing new applicants.