Public Works

Roles & Responsibilities

The Department of Public Works is comprised of the following divisions: Engineering, Surveying, Planning and Zoning, Building, Facilities Maintenance, and Solid Waste. Through our dedicated employees, we strive to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Campbell County and the State of Wyoming.

It is our goal to provide you with pertinent information about our office so that it is easier for you to use our many services. We have provided links to various downloadable forms, Campbell County rules and regulations, and related sites that you may find useful.

District Support Grant Program

The county engineer is the designated administrator for the District Support Grant Program which provides financial assistance to Improvement and Service District Boards, or Water and/or Sewer District Boards.

Funds for this program are intended for improvement projects, such as road and street improvements, water supply and distribution facilities, wastewater collection and treatment facilities, storm water control works, etc.

Please view the Chapter 5, Rules Governing the District Support Grant Program for qualification rules and regulations.

Updated Road Rules for Improvement & Service Districts

Please see Quotes and Drainage Standards for more information.

County Address Book

The Public Works Department publishes and maintains the County Address Book. This is a large file and please allow time for download. Books are available for purchase at the local printshops. Please contact them for specific pricing information. For up-to-date addressing information please utilize the online mapping functions or contact the Public Works Department.

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