Prime Therapeutics

Campbell County's prescription drug coverage benefit is administrated by Prime Therapeutics along with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming. Both a mail order and a retail pharmacy service are available. Contact Blue Cross Blue Shield at 1-800-442-2376 or visit their website at

Co- Pay Retail (30 Day Supply)

Generic: $10
Formulary: $20 + 20% of bal/$80 max
Non-Formulary: $35 + 30% of bal/$150 max

Co- Pay Retail (90 Day Supply)
Generic: $25
Formulary: $50 + 20% of bal/$200 max
Non-Formulary: $87.50+ 30% of bal/$375 max

Co- Pay Mail Order (90 Day Supply)
Formulary$40 + 20% of bal/$160 max
Non-Formulary: $75+ 30% of bal/$300 max

***Prescriptions with the HDHP are at full price until deductible is met; allowable charge is applied to deductible***

Additional Information

More information regarding benefits can be found in the personnel and benefit binders as well as by contacting the Human Resources Department. All benefits are subject to eligibility requirements and may change at any time. In the case of a difference between the above listed information and the master policies, the master policies will be controlling.