Building Division

Commercial Site Plan Application Packet

Roles & Responsibilities

The purpose of the Building Division is:
  • To assist in determining the applicable building codes for new construction, additions, and remodels and to provide information regarding appropriate zoning regulations for a specific use of property
  • To issue permits for the rules regulating construction adopted by Campbell County
  • To provide assistance and information regarding the minimum type of permitting and inspections required for the type of construction and use of buildings
  • To provide inspection and zoning services to residents of Campbell County who live outside the incorporated areas of Gillette and Wright


We encourage residents of Campbell County to stop by and review and/or update their respective address files. We will assign an address for new residents as well as issue permits and perform inspections for the work occurring on each job site, existing sites as well as new construction in Campbell County. Forms and information concerning new addresses and/or work to be performed at each job site may be obtained from our department. Plan reviews, permits, and inspections are a free service in Campbell County at this time. Feel free to contact our department as we welcome your inquiries.


Once a contractor has registered with our department they are permitted call in services. Electrical contractors must provide copies of their state-required Master’s License as well as their state Electrical Contractor’s License. All other contractors are not required to provide any licensing documentation. Plan reviews are normally completed in-house and inspectors are available weekday mornings, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. for one-on-one consultations and to answer questions.