Retirement Information

Wyoming Retirement Systems (Public Employees)

All eligible employees (who work at least 20 hours per week) participate  in the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS). Under this plan employees  contribute 8.50% of their gross salary, and the employer contributes  8.62% of each employees gross salary for a total contribution of 17.12%  per pay period. Currently, both the employee and the employer  contribution are funded by Campbell County.


WRS provides a member account statement for each contributing employee  once a year. Statements are prepared and distributed to employers during  the first quarter of the year after all contributions for the preceding  year have been posted. Law enforcement and fire fighter retirement may  differ. For more information on Wyoming Retirement, contact WRS directly at 307-777-7691 or visit their website.

Deferred Compensation

An optional 457 Deferred Compensation Plan is offered to all eligible  employees (who work at least 20 hours per week). You may enroll in the  457 plan at any time during your employment. You must contribute at  least $20 per month, but you can contribute any dollar amount up to the  IRS annual plan contribution limit.


In 2019, the limits are $19,000 for participants under age 50, and  $25,000 for participants who will be age 50 or older as of December  31st. Each year these figures are adjusted according to inflation. You  may increase, decrease, stop, or restart your contributions at any time.  You are always 100% vested in your Deferred Compensation Plan account.  If you have questions regarding the optional 457 plan, call 800-989-9324  to speak with a retirement educator.

Additional Information

More information regarding benefits can be found in the personnel and  benefit binders as well as by contacting the Human Resources Department.  All benefits are subject to eligibility requirements and may change at  any time. In the case of a difference between the above listed  information and the master policies, the master policies will be controlling.