Landfill News

Campbell County Amalgamated Recycling Enterprise (CARE)

On September 6, 2016 Campbell County Public Works is implementing the new CARE Program for recycling. Please see the Recycling Center page for more information.

C&D Waste

As of August 1, 2016 the landfill will no longer accept commercial construction/ demolition waste at the transfer station. Loads containing c&d waste will be directed to site 3 north of Gillette. Please see flyer for more information.

Yard Waste

The landfill no longer takes yard waste for free. Please see flyer for more information.


Municipal Solid Waste
$75.00 per ton
Construction Waste
$70.00 per ton
Shingles $80.00 per ton
Yard Waste
$75.00 per ton
Passenger Vehicle Tires
$3.00 each
Truck Tires
$4.00 each
Implement Tires
$15.00 each
Bulk Tires
$225.00 per ton
Refrigerators, Freezers, AC Units
$35.00 each
Uncovered Load Fee
Trailer Houses
$562.50 each
Clean, sorted, untreated wood