Maternal Child Programs


Welcome Home Visits

Public health nurses make home visits to new parents and newborns to provide information regarding breast feeding and bottle feeding, growth and development, safety, immunizations, health guidance, and availability of community resources.

Best Beginnings

The goal of this program is to assure pregnant women receive all services appropriate for a healthy pregnancy outcome. Best Beginnings offers educational materials relating to pregnancy, applications for financial assistance to eligible women (presumptive eligibility for Title 19 and supplemental funds), referrals to community resources, and smoking cessation counseling. Please call the Public Health Office at 307-682-7275 for an appointment.

Presumptive Eligibility

Nurses can determine temporary eligibility for Medicaid during pregnancy, which promotes early prenatal care for pregnant women.

Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse Family Partnership is a program designed to help and support first time pregnant mothers and parenting families during pregnancy and child rearing. Home visits are made by specially trained public health nurses to the mothers from the 16th week of pregnancy until the child is two years old. For more in
information please visit the Nurse Family Partnership website at

Premature Newborn Follow Up

This program’s mission is to assure every premature baby born to Wyoming families is provided the care and services needed to grow and develop into his or her fullest potential. Public health nurses will contact families who have had babies born at less than 36 weeks gestational age. The nurses will visit the families when they return to their homes to provide information on growth and development, nutrition, immunizations, safety, and availability of community resources.

**For more information regarding any of the above services please call Campbell County Public Health at 307-682-7275**

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