Information Technology Services

IT Manager
The IT manager has the overall responsibility for directing the work of the department to meet county goals.

Administrative Assistant
The administrative assistant provides call routing, vendor information, hardware and software purchasing, budgeting information, and other administrative support.

Network Support
The Network Support division has the responsibility of project planning and development. Network Support is also responsible for local area network / wide area network communications, data availability, and telecommunications for the county.

User Support
The User Support division provides front line troubleshooting and problem resolution for a multitude of PC related problems. In addition, each technician is assigned an area of expertise.

AS400 Programming
The programming department is responsible for application design, development, and administration. They also are responsible for documentation and training.

Geographic Information Systems
The Campbell County Geographic Information Systems program provides maps and data to citizens and government to aid them in their work and decision making.

Web Development
The web programmer is responsible for the administration and development of Campbell County's intranet and public website. Other duties include:
  • Programming
  • Web design / development
  • Administration of a number of servers among many other general applications
  • User Support and Network Support