Juvenile Probation

Program Information

Youth are assigned to one of our Juvenile Probation Officers: Felice Acosta, Connie Scigliano, Andreah Kramer, and Rachel Materi. Intensive supervision probation is provided by JR Bailey.
Juveniles are placed on Terms and Conditions by the Judge. The following is a list of standard Terms and Conditions:

  • Regular meetings with juveniles and parents
  • Visits to home, school, community service or work
  • Academic Monitoring-school grades, attendance, discipline
  • Random drug/alcohol testing
  • Searches of home, vehicles, and/or electronic devices
  • Mental Health Evaluation and/or counseling
  • Substance Abuse evaluation and/or treatment
  • Community Service
  • Employment and Payment of Restitution / fines
  • Assigned Curfew
  • House Arrest / Electronic Monitoring / GPS
  • Restriction on associates
In Juvenile Court cases, parents/ guardians are also assigned a variety of terms and conditions which may include providing supervision for their child, cooperation with the Juvenile Probation Office and participation in a variety of treatment modalities.
  1. Municipal Court
  2. Intensive Supervision
  3. Community Service
In July, 2009, the Juvenile Probation Office, in collaboration with the City of Gillette Municipal Court, began providing supervision to youth under 18 years of age, as well as those 18-21. Municipal Court supervised probation is generally for a term of six months and may require substance abuse or mental health evaluations and/or treatment. Probationers are also placed on terms and conditions similar to District and Circuit Courts and supervised by Probation Officers David Anderson and Cody Dobson, who are employed by the City of Gillette.
  1. TEG
  2. Corrective Thinking
Those juveniles who have committed a tobacco-related offense may be required to attend the TEG Class in addition to their community service requirement. The TEG Class, which includes elements of lecture, video, demonstration and discussion, aims to move the participant through the stages of preparation and action to quit tobacco use.