Schedule of Events

Artist-In-Residence: Matt Avery

August 20-21, 9:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 5:00

Matt Avery will visit the Campbell County Rockpile Museum, August 20-21, 2020, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. as an artist-in-residence.  During his two-day visit, he will demonstrate his leatherwork techniques while chatting with visitors.

Artist biography:

Matt was born in Sheridan Wyoming. His parents were ranchers and sold out their home place in 1959. His Dad became a ranch manager for a big cattle company based out of Sheridan. Matt has always been around cattle and horses and his Dad taught him a lot about saddle tack and how to take care of it. His Father held onto every little piece of leather as it often came in handy for repairing saddle tack later. Mr. Avery encouraged Matt to take up 4-H leather craft in high school and his love for leather work went from there to where it is today, with Matt owning his own saddle shop.  Matt said, “Dad would probably turn over in his grave if he saw how much scrap leather I throw away. My parents have passed away but my wife, Diann, is my biggest encourager for my leather work and supports me to learn more and do more.”   Matt’s biggest call is for saddle tack; he also makes some belts, purses, earrings, etc. He has built around 50 saddles to date, and this past winter he worked on building 3 saddles. “I love being around people that are better at the craft than I am so, I can learn more. Knowledge is good!!! You are who you hang around

Matt Avery Maker's Mark

The Governor Lady: Nellie Tayloe Ross

August 24, 7:00 p.m.

Nellie Tayloe Ross, known as The Governor Lady, will return from history to speak to visitors at the Rockpile Museum on Monday, August 24, at 7:00 pm. The program, featuring actress Kay Sebring-Roberts Kuhlmann as the nation’s first elected woman governor, is offered jointly by Campbell County Historical Society and Wyoming State Historical Society and is free of charge.

Elected in a 1924 Wyoming special election, at the age of 48 and for a term of two years (1925-27), Governor Tayloe Ross served only that term, then became a magazine columnist and nationally famous traveling professional speaker. In 1932, President Franklin Roosevelt named her Director of the U.S. Mint, a position she held for 20 years.

She remained a behind-the-scenes national political figure in retirement, and the Governor Lady never returned home permanently to Wyoming. She visited often, however, her final time while joining other statewide famous figures at the centennial of Yellowstone National Park, in 1972, when she was 96 years old. The Honorable Nellie Tayloe Ross lived to be 101 and is buried in Cheyenne.

Kuhlmann grew up in Guernsey, Wyoming and graduated from Guernsey-Sunrise High School in 1968 and had no aspirations of a theatrical career until she was teaching in Japan in her late 30s and was asked to perform in some English language plays. She said, “I realized I had a talent for it, and it was pleasing to me. Kuhlmann holds a MA in theater from the University of Missouri in Kansas City, and is a member of the Wyoming State Historical Society. “I am thrilled to present Nellie Tayloe Ross to audiences in Cheyenne (August 22), Wheatland (August 23), Gillette (August 24) and Lander (August 27),” she said. “It is especially fitting in celebration of the 150th year of suffrage for Wyoming’s women, and the 100th year of national woman suffrage.”   While this will be her first portrayal of Nellie Tayloe Ross, the actress has performed as Greer Garson and Dale Evans.

Due to COVID restrictions, event capacity is limited to 30 people.  We will be streaming the event LIVE so please check our website at for details closer to the event date.