Make a Donation

The Wyoming Public Library Endowment Challenge

The reasons to contribute are:
  • Every dollar raised by The Library Foundation for Campbell County libraries will be matched by the state up to $697,826. As a bonus for collectively raising $2.3 million, each library has already received $100,000. The total possible amount Campbell County can receive is $1,495,652!
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to bring your tax dollars back to our libraries and use them to: maintain our professional workforce; provide the services required by our changing community’s needs; raise awareness of the diverse library opportunities.
  • Rainy day funds will help maintain the outstanding services provided by Campbell County libraries through our boom and bust economy. These funds will provide county libraries with discretionary monies. Campbell County generously supports its libraries but these funds ensure your libraries autonomy in years to come.
For more information or to make your tax deductible donation, contact CCPLS Director Terri Lesley at 307-687-0009. Feel free to fill out the pledge and return it to the library.

Gifts & Donations

Gifts of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and books-on-CD are welcome under these guidelines:

  • All donated items become property of the library.
  • Books should be in very good condition. Books that are musty smelling, dusty or damaged by mildew or water will not be accepted.
  • NO encyclopedias or text books will be accepted.
  • NO VHS tapes will be accepted.
  • Magazines cannot be older than ONE year.
  • No used computers, typewriters or software are accepted.
  • Two standard size boxes are accepted every week per individual.
Monetary donations can be designated toward the purchase of memorial books, art work, computers, programs, endowment fund, or special projects. Checks should be made payable to The Library Foundation, Inc.


Choosing to remember a loved one or friend with a memorial book given to the library provides a lasting gift to honor that person. Great care is taken by library staff to select a book the deceased would have enjoyed. Suggested titles or subjects are appreciated. A memorial bookplate is placed in the book and an acknowledgment card is sent to the family telling them the name of the book and the donor’s name.

For more information contact the Library Administration office by e-mail or by calling 307-687-0009.