CHINS Petitions

A CHINS (child in need of supervision) Petition initiates a court action where it is alleged that a child is in need of supervision because the child has not reached his/her 17th birthday, and who is habitually truant, has run away, habitually disobeys the reasonable and lawful demands of his/her parents, guardians or other person with proper authority, or who is ungovernable and beyond control.

Last Resort

CHINS petitions are generally the last resort for youth who will not respond to the voluntary programs listed throughout this brochure. Court involvement can include court-ordered probation, curfews, urinalysis screens, out-of-home placement, counseling, etc.

Required Information

The County Attorney’s Office initiates the petition and requires the following information to consider filing a CHINS petition:
  • Completed juvenile information form located at the County Attorney’s Office
  • Copies of law enforcement involvement and reports
  • Grades and attendance records from juvenile’s school, including disciplinary logs and reports
  • Outline of out-of-control behaviors with specific dates and list of incidences to be used in court, as well as steps taken by the parents to address the issues