Local History Index

Local History Index
This alphabetical subject index contains a wide range of topics from Campbell County and some nearby locations. Gathered from local newspapers, magazines and brochures, the articles encompass important information regarding:
  • Businesses
  • Building construction and demolition
  • Cemeteries
  • Churches
  • Extreme weather
  • Geological and historical landmarks
  • Government
  • Historical firsts
  • Hospitals
  • Industries (farming, mining, petroleum, ranching, and railroads)
  • Law enforcement
  • Organizations
  • Parks
  • People
  • Population statistics
  • Post offices
  • School buildings
  • Serious crimes
  • Significant fires
  • Unusual events

Sporting and school events are not generally covered. The information from 1934 through 1999 is comprehensive; however, at this time, the entries from 1905 through 1933 are not. Each record includes a subject, date of publication, an illustration designation (y indicating yes, a blank space indicating no), page number, and headline. To access these articles, you may visit the library and personally view the Local History binders, request by email or call the library’s reference department at 307-687-0115.