Overdrive resources are purchased by Campbell County Public Library System and are only available to Campbell County residents with a valid Campbell County library card.

Before you get started, you will need an Amazon account, a library card, and your PIN. The Kindle has no software: it must be registered at Amazon with an Amazon.com ID. Most eBooks download directly to Kindle via Wi-Fi. It is noted that Penguin Group USA titles must be downloaded to a computer before transferring to your Kindle.

Overdrive Steps

Follow these steps to properly use your Kindle:
  • Use a computer or tablet to open Campbell County Public Library’s Overdrive collection website
  • Checkout a Kindle format e-book
    • Kindle can only checkout e-books that show Kindle Book as the format option
    • Place eBook in eCart
    • If a book is already checked out to someone else you may Place a Hold
    • Once you’ve placed the book in your eCart select Proceed to Checkout
    • Enter your library card number and PIN
    • Select Get for Kindle
  • Overdrive will redirect you to Amazon
    • If you are already logged in to Amazon it will recognize you
      • Make sure you’re signed in with the account synced to the Kindle you are using
    • If you’re not signed in, click Get Library Book
      • Sign in
    • Choose where you’d like to have this eBook delivered
      • If you’ve already linked a Kindle or a Kindle app they’ll show up in the list here
    • Click continue
  • Sync Kindle
    • Now go to your Kindle
      • It should download via your Wi-Fi connection
      • If you have to manually connect to Wi-Fi
        • Go to Menu, then Settings, then Wi-Fi Settings, then View, then Connect
  • If the file does not transfer
    • Go to Menu, Sync and Check for Items
      • It will show any items pending and download them


Early Returns

  • In Amazon, navigate to Your Account
  • Select Manage Your Kindle
  • Find the title of the book you want to return
  • Click on Actions
  • Select Return
Older Kindles may need to connect via USB. Some publishers only allow eBooks to be transferred via USB.
  • Make sure you have your Kindle plugged in to your computer
  • Go to Manage your Kindle page on Amazon
  • Hover over the Actions button
    • Select Download and Transfer via USB
If eBook does not automatically transfer after you select Download and Transfer:
  • On the Amazon page select Get Library Book
    • Deliver to: Transfer via Computer
  • Select Continue
  • Follow the prompt to save the file and select OK (it helps to save this file somewhere easy to find like your computer’s desktop)
  • Using the USB cord, plug your Kindle into your computer
  • Your Kindle folder’s screen should pop up
    • If it doesn’t, go to your start menu
    • Select Computer
    • Double click on the drive that says Kindle
  • Find your e-book
  • Click and drag your e-book to your Kindle folder
  • Safely eject your Kindle by right clicking it and selecting eject.
    • Unplug the USB cord

Video Instructions