3M Cloud Library

3M Installation Directions

If you do not want to or cannot install the 3M app on the Kindle Fire, you can use these instructions to transfer a book and use a different reading app. To install the 3M Cloud Library application on a Kindle Fire, you will need your Kindle Fire connected to the Internet and be prepared to enter your library card and PIN.

You will need a file manager app installed on the Kindle Fire, such as File Expert (for the Fire) or ES File Explorer (for the Fire HD) so that you can rename the file extension, if necessary.

Step One

To install the 3M Cloud Library Android application, you will need to allow 3rd party applications to be installed on the Fire.
  • From the main screen select options (on some Kindles, this is a gear shaped icon, on others, you may need to drag down from the top of the screen to open the settings menu)
  • Select More and then Device
  • Scroll down to find the Allow Installation of Applications option.
  • Set this to ON

Step Two

To download the 3M app:
  • Return to the Home screen and open the web browser
  • Go to the 3M Online Library
  • The app file will begin to download

Step Three

After the app has successfully downloaded, you will see a small 1 in a circle at the top of the Kindle Fire screen.
If you see this:
  • Tap the 1 to open the message
  • Tap where it says Download Complete
  • You will be asked if you want to install the app, tap Install and then tap Done
    • The newer Kindle Fire devices may not automatically prompt you to install the file. Instead, you may need to open the file with a file management app to edit the file name so that it can be installed.
  • If using File Expert, open the app and select the Folders tab.
    • Tap SD Card and open the folder named Download
  • If using ES File Explorer, open the app and find the folder named Download
    • You may see the 3M file listed with a .ZIP extension: this needs to be changed to .APK
    • Press and hold the file name until a menu appears, then tap Rename and then tap at the very end of the name
    • Press the Delete key on the screen to remove the ZIP letters and then type APK
      • For instance, if the downloaded file is named 3mcloudlibrary-1.zip, you need to change it to 3mcloudlibrary-1.apk
    • Once you have renamed the file, tap the 3M logo and on the next screen tap INSTALL at the bottom of the screen

Step Four

To properly set up your app:
  • Tap the Home icon to return to the main screen of the Fire
  • You should now see the 3M Cloud Library app
  • Open the app and select Wyoming as the state and Wyoming Libraries as your library
  • Next, enter your library card and PIN (request your PIN)
  • Tap on the End User License Agreement button and accept the terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Tap Login
If you have problems logging in or using the 3M app, please view the mobile app help or all of the 3M Cloud help files on our site.

Additional Important Information

Adobe Registration

Note that using this method with a Kindle Fire does not require an Adobe ID. However, if you use the Freading app or transfer books to the Kindle Fire to use with other reading apps, you may already have registered them with an Adobe ID. If you have problems with using the Freading app and the 3M app at the same time, you may need to use the manual method of transfer for the Cloud Library .

Book Completion

If you are finished with an eBook, you can return it early or wait for the rights to expire. You are encouraged to return books early, when possible. To return a book early, open the My Books tab in the 3M app. Select the list view to see options available for all the books on your shelf. Select the book you wish to return and tap the red Check In button.


These instructions are to be used as a reference only. Please note that by downloading the 3M cloud library app you assume all risk of data loss or system damage to your device. By downloading the application it will not automatically update to any newer versions. In order to update you will have to uninstall the current version and install the newer version using the same procedure.