Freading Installation
Freading eBooks can be used on the Kindle Fire (but not other Kindles) using a special procedure to get an app outside the Kindle App Store or by using an alternative reading app (Overdrive). The Freading app can be downloaded online.

It is recommended to use Overdrive to view the Freading eBooks. Follow the Overdrive installation process, then proceed to the Freading download section.

eBooks From Freading
To get eBooks from Freading:
  • Open the web browser on the Kindle Fire
  • Go to the Freading website
  • Log in with your WYLD library card and PIN
  • Select a book to download
  • When you tap download ePub a popup should appear asking what app to use to open the file, then choose the Overdrive app
  • The Overdrive app will open and you can start reading your book
  • You can also use the Overdrive app to delete the books from the Fire when you are done
Advantages of Using OverDrive with Freading
  • You have the ability to bookmark.
  • Faster checkout, since you go directly to the GoWYLD Freading site with the browser.
  • The Overdrive app works better in tandem with the 3M Cloud Android app
  • When using both 3M and Freading, some users have experienced their Freading books disappearing from the device when the 3M app is opened. This does not appear to happen when using the Overdrive app instead.
  • If your library has a subscription to the Overdrive service, you will only need the one app for both Freading and Overdrive books. You will still need to use the 3M app to manage your 3M Cloud eBooks.