Overdrive resources are purchased by Campbell County Public Library System and are only available to Campbell County residents with a valid Campbell County library card.

The following steps will help you to download the free Overdrive app
  • Open the OverDrive app and follow the prompts to create and OverDrive account and log in.
  • In the OverDrive app, swipe from left to right to open the Home Menu
  • Tap Add a Library and search via your zip code, Campbell County, or Gillette
    • Tap the star to save your library
    • Tap your library's name to start browsing
  • Find the MP3 audiobook eBook, or Streaming video you want, checkout, and download.
    • Streaming Videos do not download, instead you will need to be connected to wifi or your cellular network to watch them
How to in depth:

Download the Free Overdrive App

  • Most in the App store search for Overdrive Media Console
  • Download and install the free app

Authorize Your OverDrive Account

  • When you first open the Overdrive Media Console app, you will need to create an OverDrive Account
    • You can have up to 6 devices authorized with the same Overdrive Account.
    • You can manage them on overdrive.com
    • Your devices will all sync your progress and bookmarks across your devices

Add the Campbell County Public Library Overdrive Site to the App

  • Open the Overdrive app
  • Select the Menu button and Get Books
  • Select Add a Library
  • Tap into the search box and type in your zip code
  • Tap on Campbell County Public Library to add this library to your app
  • Select the star in front of the library name to save it as a favorite

Find the ePub eBook You Want

  • Select Browse or Search for something specific
  • When you find an item you want you will either Place a Hold or Add to Cart
  • Select Proceed to Checkout
  • If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to enter your Library card number and PIN
  • If you want, check the box next to Remember me on this device
  • Tap on Login
  • Choose your Lending Period
  • Tap on Confirm Checkout
  • Tap on Download
  • If the eBook doesn’t display after pressing download button or your devices freezes, try powering off your device and powering back on

Return an eBook or Audiobook Early

  • Open the Overdrive Media Console App
  • From your bookshelf tap and hold a title to display its return options.
    • You can Return a title to the library, which also deletes it from your devices
    • You can Delete a title from your device, but you will still have it checked out to your library account
  • On older versions of the app:
    • Next to the title, tap on the Plus button
    • Tap on Return / Delete
    • In the popup tap on Return then Delete

Additional Information