3M Cloud Library

3M Cloud Library Instructions

As with all of the online eBook resources, you will need a Wyoming library card and PIN in order to use this 3M service.

Installing 3M Cloud Library

  • Visit the Google Play store and install the 3M Cloud Library app
    • Select Wyoming and Wyoming Libraries from the setup menu
    • Enter your library card and PIN; You must also accept the End User License Agreement before you will be able to successfully login
    • After the setup information is entered, the 3M app will open at the Shelves view

Using the Mobile App

  • Navigate in the app with the icons on the lower part of the screen
  • Tap on any book to view the detailed information and check it out, place on hold or view similar books

My Books Features

Any books checked out to your account (regardless of device type used) will appear in the My Books shelves. You can change this view to List View, or you can also return books from this screen by selecting the Check In button on the top right of the screen. The Wish List button will show all the titles you have on your wish list.

The Reading History can by cleared at any time. The Message Center will show any library generated messages as well as information about available holds. To view your account, view Account Profile. It is where you would log out so that you could use a different account with 3M.

My Books

  • Tap on any checked out book to open the reader
    • If you were reading the same book on a different device you may see the following message “Reading Position Synchronization: A new last position was synced from server. Do you want to go to the new position?”
  • Tapping on the checked out book you want to read will open it in the reader.
  • The reader provides tools for navigating through the book, changing the font size, and bookmarking
    • To open the tools menu and show other options, tap anywhere on the screen.
    • Use the x at the top left to close the book
    • The lowercase i will open the book details window
    • The Gear icon opens the tools menu
    • The bookmark icon appears in the upper right (blank if no bookmarks have been created for this page)
    • Arrows and slider bar are at the bottom to move through the book, or just swipe the screen to advance or return to a previous page.


At any point in the book, tap on the bookmark icon to create a new bookmark. You may accept the automatic text associated with the bookmark, or add your own. To edit a bookmark on a particular page, tap on the yellow icon in the upper right. To see all the bookmarks for a book, tap on the i to open the book details window.