OneClick Installation

You will need to have a valid OneClick digital account set up through the library to link the Android app (or Microsoft app for Microsoft products) to your account. You will need Wi-Fi access or a 3G or 4G connection to complete the download process. Once your audiobook has been downloaded you will be able to listen to it offline.

Create a OneClick Account

  • Access OneClick online
  • Select the Create a New Account at the top of the WYLD screen
  • You will be redirected to the states OneClick site
  • In the right hand corner select Create New Account
  • Enter the requested information
  • Select Create an Account

Install OneClick

  • Go to Google Play store on Android device
  • Search for OneClick Digital
  • Install app once found

Log In To OneClick

  • Tap the OneClick icon
  • The first time you log into the app a region selector will appear
    • Select your region (Wyoming) from the drop down arrow
  • Tap the Done button in the upper right corner of the screen to save your selection
  • Enter your OneClick username and password
  • You will now have the option to save your login information by tapping the check box next to Remember Credentials

Find Titles

After logging into the app your currently checked out books will populate into your My Titles main screen. To check out audiobooks:
  • Tap the Browse Titles option
  • The OneClick Digital Library website browser will display
    • Pinch your fingers out to zoom out for easier viewing
  • You will automatically be logged in with your username and password
  • When you have selected your title, tap the title icon and check out the book
  • The title checkout page will display, tap Checkout Now
  • The title page will return with the title checked out
  • Go back to your My Titles page by selecting the Close button in the upper right corner of your browser app
    • Or press your back button on your Android Device
  • Reselect the OneClick icon from your device home screen
  • The My Titles will display; if your new title is not included in the list press the refresh icon in the upper left corner

Downloading Titles

  • Tap the arrow next to the title you would like to download
  • The title will display while the download process occurs. You will need Internet access or 3G / 4G service to complete the download
    • You can listen to the title as the download takes place
  • Tap the open book icon to display the chapters that have finished downloading
  • Titles that appear in bold black have completed downloading; the titles in gray have not been downloaded
  • Once the book has downloaded, you will be able to listen to your book offline without an Internet connection

App Options

  • While you are listening to your book you may bookmark your place by pressing the round plus button
  • To check your stored bookmarks re-click on the book icon in the upper right corner of the book page
  • To jump to your bookmarked locations select them from the Table of Contents by clicking on the chapter and placement detail
  • To navigate back anytime to your My Titles page you can select the Back button or My Titles icon in the upper left corner of your app screen

Additional Information

Stuck on OneClick? View the getting started and overview videos online for clarity. If you still need assistance, follow the OneClick website and use the support tab to fill in a form describing the problems. Toll-free support line is now available at 877-77-AUDIO (877-772-8346). Live support is available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m.