Freading & Overdrive Advantages
You can use the Overdrive app with your Freading books. The advantages of this are:
  • The ability to bookmark.
  • Faster checkout, since you go directly to the GoWYLD Freading site with the browser.
  • The OverDrive app works better in tandem with the 3M Cloud Android app.
  • When using both 3M and Freading, some users have experienced their Freading books disappearing from the device when the 3M app is opened. This does not appear to happen when using the OverDrive app instead.
  • If your library has a subscription to the Overdrive service, you will only need the one app for both Freading and Overdrive books. You will still need to use the 3M app to manage your 3M Cloud eBooks.
Overview of Freading App
  • The main screen of your Freading app will always show the books that you have downloaded and are reading. Just tap a book to open it
  • To access the App Options tap your device’s menu key. Inside the menu you will find:
    • Sort by: you can choose to reorder your downloaded books by most recent, title or author
    • Store: not usable for library account
    • Account: where your Adobe ID is input, and where you can update this later if necessary
    • Refresh: use this if you just downloaded a new book, and it is not yet showing in the reading list
    • About: simple notes about the Freading App
  • Book Options: tap your menu button. This pulls up buttons for:
    • Library (returns you to the app home screen)
    • Table of Contents
    • Font Size options
    • Rotation (lock or unlock as you prefer)
Freading App
  • Search the App store for the Freading App.
  • Tap the menu button on your device to bring up the Freading app menu.
  • From the menu, select Account
  • Activate the app with your Adobe ID. If you do not have an Adobe ID do the following:
    • Navigate to
    • In the upper right corner select Sign In
    • Below the Sign in Button select Don’t Have and Adobe ID
    • Fill in each required field and then select Create
    • Once your Adobe ID has been created navigate back to the Freading App and register with your Adobe ID.
Checkout & Book Download
  • Log in at Freading
  • Search or browse for a book to check out
  • When you have found a book you want, click on it to open the book’s detail page. Below the book’s cover art will be a Download link, click this
  • Your browser will ask how it should open the book, chose the Freading app from the options offered
    • Chose Use By Default to have it do this automatically In the Future
  • The Freading app’s home screen will open, and you will see a pending message until the book is fully downloaded to your device.
Reading A Book
  • Open the Freading app
  • All books you have currently downloaded should be shown in the reading list
  • If your newest downloaded book is not in the list, open the menu and select Refresh
  • Tap the book in the reading list to Open it
  • To turn the pages tap the edges or swipe