3M Cloud Library

3M Cloud Library

The Barnes & Noble Nook now runs on the Android platform. An in-depth set of directions and instructions can be read online.

Upload eBooks from Your Computer to Your Nook

Installing Computer Software

  • Go to 3M eBook and click the link for your operating system type (Windows or Mac).
    • This opens opens the app with more specifications about the PC software, including supported operating systems, readers, memory and more.
  • Click on Download Cloud Library.
  • Choose to save the file and then run the install program when the download is complete.
    • During the installation you will need to select the state of Wyoming and Wyoming libraries.
  • Enter your library card and PIN when prompted.
  • You will need to view and agree to the End User License Agreement.
  • Once the application has been installed, a desktop shortcut will appear labeled 3M Cloud Library.

Find, Check Out, & Download eBooks

  • The PC Software has five main tabs and will default to the Shelves view when it is first opened (The eBook tab only displays after a book has been opened for reading).
  • The shelves are highlighted titles in the collection and do not show the entire collection of books available to Wyoming users.
  • This view has two shelves that are automatically created based on what has been newly added and what is currently being checked out. Other shelves are manually created and are subject to change. Clicking on any book on the shelf will open up a popup window with additional information about the book.
  • If a book is available, click on the green Check Out button. If it is not available, you are prompted to place a hold. You may also click on the button to view similar books. The similar books feature may include books that are not owned in our collection. Users may create a wish list that library staff can view to help make purchasing decisions.
  • Categories are automatically assigned by 3M. Books may appear in more than one category and there may be some categories with very few titles to start with. Subcategories appear at the bottom of each category section.
  • You may also switch to List View in either the Shelves or Categories tab. This view makes it more quickly apparent which books are available, as well as other statuses and actions you may take. Lists can be sorted by the options shown below.
  • The My Books tab will show all the books you have checked out and those that you have on hold in a bookshelf view (you can also switch to a list view).
  • Clicking on a Currently Reading title will open it at the page last viewed in the eBook tab.
  • Your hold list will show items that are available for check out and the estimated wait for other holds.
  • The Wish List button at the bottom of the screen will include books that you have placed on your wish list.
  • The Reading History option is enabled by default, but users can elect to erase their reading history at any time.
  • The Message Center is for messages sent out from the administration site. This is where notifications will display if a hold is now available for checkout (as well as in the My Books screen).
  • The Account Profile provides details about the patron’s account.
  • Select modify library identification if you need to use a different library card with this software installation. You may want to do this if you are sharing a computer with someone else and do not have multiple Windows user accounts. Note that although a message indicates that you have to return all books to do this, it does not appear to be true at this time.
  • The best case scenario for multiple users reading different books is to install the software under each user’s unique Windows account. Multiple instances of the software can run on PCs which are set up with different user accounts. The mobile apps can only support one user at a time.

Transfer to a Device

  • Connect the device, e.g. Nook eReader to your computer with the USB connection.
  • The 3M software will automatically recognize the eReader and it will show as a detected device in the MyBooks tab.
  • The green download to device message appears on the cover of the book on the shelf. Click on the green button to transfer. A message will indicate that the book has been transferred. Disconnect your eReader as usual and begin reading the book.
  • If you read the book on both the PC software and on an eReader, you should be aware that your progress will not be synced. However, if sign into your account with the iOS or Android app, then your latest progress will be synced through the cloud.
If you have connected your device and it is not detected, you may need to use the manual transfer method. Additionally, you should check to make sure that your device has been activated with the same Adobe ID as you are using with the Cloud Library.