OneClick Digital

A recent update in 2013 allowed Nook to be powered by the Android platform. Learn how to set up service online. You need to have OneClick installed on a PC or Mac in order to transfer titles from your computer to your Nook.

Computer to Nook Transfers

OneClick Media Manager

Choose the Media Manager download that works with your operating system (PC or MAC). Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the download.

After Media Manager is downloaded, you will need to log in. To log in to Media Manager:
  • Use the Account Information created to add it to the Media Manager
  • Once logged in you will be taken to your personal homepage
    • The personal homepage on OneClick Digital reveals all of the books that the user has checked out, has on hold, has on their wish list and historical activity. Each title reveals how long the user has left of holding that title and provides several options: play title, renew, download/transfer and return now.
    • Playing a title will play the title immediately, on that machine. Should the user wish to renew or return a title then they should click the relevant button and this process will occur automatically.

Checkout A Title

  • To checkout, return to the Wyoming OneClick Digital homepage
  • Click on the title you want to check out
  • Choose checkout now from the right sidebar
  • The page will refresh and show that the title has already checked out
  • Click My Collection on the top toolbar

Transfer Title to Media Manager

  • In the My Collection Tab
  • Click download now
    • If a popup appears click the banner and enable the download
    • The Media Manager should open and your book should appear
    • You can play the book in the Media Manager or proceed to transfer it

Transfer a Title to Your Nook

  • Plug your nook into your computer
  • Click the Download and Transfer or Transfer button next to the title of the audiobook you want to transfer
  • The Media Manager will search for and connect to your device
    • This may be so fast that you barely notice or
    • You may get a screen that says Device Picker if you have more than one device connected to the computer
  • The Transfer should begin automatically
    • Do not close the white download / transfer pop-up message as this will stop the transfer
    • The green bar indicates the progress of the download.
    • When it is complete you will receive a Download Completed message
    • Eject and Disconnect your device from your computer