Overdrive resources are purchased by Campbell County Public Library System and are only available to Campbell County residents with a valid Campbell County library card.

Overdrive Media Console


To launch setup, go to the library's Overdrive page. From there:
  • Go to Digital Software in the left Sidebar
  • Select Overdrive Media Console
  • Select the version compatible with your operating system (Windows or Mac)
  • Click Download Now
  • Save the file
  • Open the installation file once the download is complete
  • Install Overdrive Media Console
  • Follow the prompts in the installation pop-ups

Borrow Audiobook Titles From the Library

  • Open the library’s digital collection website.
  • Find an available title to borrow. You can:
    • Click a book
    • Click more… (or similar links) to open a list
    • Run a search
  • When you find a title, select Add to Cart
  • Select Proceed to Checkout
    • Sign in if prompted
    • On the checkout page, you may be able to change the lending period if desired; when ready, select Confirm Check Out
    • Click Download
    • Audiobooks will automatically open in Overdrive Media Console

Transfer Titles to MP3 Player

  • In the Overdrive Media Console select a title
  • Click Transfer from the top menu
  • The Transfer Wizard will open
    • Connect your device to your computer
    • Select Next
    • When your device is detected the Confirm screen is displayed
    • Click Next
    • The title is transferred to you MP3 player
    • Click Finish

Transfer Titles to iPod

  • In the Overdrive Media Console select a title
  • Click Transfer from the top menu
  • The Transfer Wizard will open
    • Click Next
    • When your device is detected, make sure Apple device is selected under Player; click Next
    • If you see the following message, follow the instructions to enable manually manage music on your Apple device, this is an optional setting in iTunes.
    • When completed, click OK to close the prompt. This will take you back to the Transfer Wizard.
    • Click Next
    • The ‘AAC Encoder Import Setting’ window may open
    • If it does, follow the on-screen instructions to adjust your AAC import settings for the fastest transfer. This is an optional setting that can be found in iTunes. If you make changes, click Refresh to make sure your new settings match the recommended settings
    • Click Next to start the transfer.
    • When complete, click Finish to close the wizard.

Additional Information

View the following videos if you need assistance with: