Indian Paintbrush Book Award Book

Indian Paintbrush Book Award Book Lists

Sponsored by the Wyoming Library Association and the Wyoming State Literacy Association, the Indian Paintbrush Book Award provides the opportunity for Wyoming youth in grades 4-6 to select a favorite book and honor its author. Its purpose is to help Wyoming students in grades 4-6:

  • Become acquainted with the best contemporary authors.
  • Become aware of the qualities that make a good book.
  • Set a goal to read at least three good books.
  • To honor an author whose books Wyoming students have enjoyed.
For more information, contact the Wyoming Indian Paintbrush Book Award Committee.

2019-2020 Indian Paintbrush Winners

1st Runner-up

2nd Runner-up

Shotz, Jennifer Li - Hero
Nielsen, Jennifer - Resistance
Gemeinhart, Dan - Some Kind of Courage

Past Winners and Nominees by Author or Date

2020-2021 Indian Paintbrush Nominees:

 Mass, Wendy; Stead, Rebecca - Bob
McGhee, Alison - Dear Sister
Hunt, Lynda Mullaly - Fish in a Tree
Ponti, James - Framed!
Yang, Kelly - Front Desk
Gratz, Alan - Refugee
 Aronson, Marc - Rising Water
 Hashimoto, Meika - The Trail
Palacio, R. J. - White Bird
Park, Linda Sue - Forest of Wonders