AV Equipment


To reserve AV equipment, call the Circulation Department at 307.682.3223. Reservations are not required, but to ensure availability, we recommend you reserve as far in advance as possible. Reservations can be made up to 3 months in advance.

Late fees are charged per day per piece of equipment for all equipment regardless of original fee. All equipment is carefully inspected, cleaned, and repaired after each use. Do not repair any equipment damage. Inform the staff of any problems when equipment is returned.


Fee per day
Renewal fee (per day)
Late fee (per day)
Digital camera$5$5$10
Digital recorder
EaselNo chargeNo charge$1
GoPro Camera$5$5$10
Opaque Projector$2$2$5
Overhead Projector$2$2$5
Portable Bluetooth Speaker$2$2$5
Portable Blu-Ray/DVD Player$5 for 21 days
$5 for 21 days
Portable CD PlayerNo chargeNo charge$1
Portable P.A.$2$2$5
Portable Record Player
$5 for 21 days
$5 for 21 days
Presentation Projector$15$15$30
ScreenNo chargeNo charge$1
Slide Projector$2$2$5
$5 for 7 days
$5 for 7 days