Emergency Management Agency Advisories

CCEMA provides five types of advisories with information we believe may be of use to our citizens...and it's free of charge (although, your normal cell phone or text messaging charges may apply).

Special Notices and Advisories...

Community Group Enrollment (CGE)

Campbell County Emergency Management Agency provides these advisories through our CodeRED system...but, you have to create an account sign up for this.

(Even if you have an account with CodeRED at their Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) page...you must have a separate CGE account in CodeRED to receive this CCEMA information.)

Click on this link to create your account.

(By the way, CodeRED's registration screen works best with either Google Chrome, Firefox or Apple Safari browsers. It sometimes hangs up when you use Internet Explorer)

Just remember...you'll need to log back in whenever you need to make any updates (If you change your email, cell phone number or text messaging)

Note: this is not a warning system. Unfortunately, your vendor (AT&T, Verizon, Union, etc.) controls when they actually deliver the text messages, emails, or whether the phone call goes to voice mail or actually rings through. So, for warnings, please listen for the sirens, monitor weather radio, and listen to the Emergency Alert System on your local radio and TV stations.
  1. General Advisories
  2. Weather Advisories
  3. Facility Closures
  4. Red Flag Warnings
  5. Special Event Messages
CCEMA General Advisories are sent out when there's something out of the ordinary happening...maybe an area is out of power, water, streets are shut down for some unusual reason...things we feel you need to know about right away.  We don't send many of these out, but when we do, it's information we believe is important.