Collection Development Policy

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
  • I-1 Credits - Revised August 2012
  • I-2 Style
  • I-3 Purpose
  • I-4 Funding
  • I-5 Community Served - Revised August 2012
II. ALA Statements on Access
  • II-1 Library Bill of Rights
  • II-2 Freedom to Read Statement
III. The Selection Process
  • III-1 Responsibility for Selection - Revised August 2012
  • III-2 Selection Guidelines - Revised August 2012
  • III-3 Bindery Guidelines
  • III-4 Gifts/Donations
  • III-5 Interlibrary Loan - Revised August 2012
  • III-6 Memorials
  • III-7 Multiple Copies
  • III-8 Professional Collection - Revised August 2012
  • III-9 Reconsideration of Library Materials
  • III-10 Standing Orders
  • III-11 Weeding - Revised January 2003
IV. Collection Evaluation and Assessment - Revised August 2012

V. Audio-Visual Materials
VI. Fiction
VII. Nonfiction
VIII. Reference
IX. Adult Miscellaneous
X. Children’s Easy/Jr. Nonfiction
XI. Children’s Fiction
XII. Children’s Miscellaneous
XIII. Young Adult Fiction - Revised August 2012

XIV. Young Adult Nonfiction
XV. Young Adult Miscellaneous
XVI. Wright Branch Library
XVII. Appendices