General Comments

The purpose of this collection is to support and enhance the print collection by providing materials that:
  • are not available in paper or electronic format.
  • are more durable than paper.
  • conserve space.

Development Plan

The microforms collection is minimally developed. Consideration of microforms will be made as part of the development process for individual format collections (magazines, newspapers, telephone directories, genealogy, and government documents; see those individual collection development statements). Since the collection parameters for microforms are already well-established, new sources will be added only after careful evaluation. Following are the objectives for further development of this collection; these are in addition to the application of the standard guidelines for sections of the collection policy they influence:
  • assessment of information availability in paper or electronic sources
  • equipment demands for reading them
  • cost per copy (microform to paper) factor
  • the importance of storage considerations cannot be overemphasized; further, storage must be in archival quality containers, i.e., filing cabinets or non-acid paper boxes.

Influencing Factors

Purchases and buying patterns are determined in large part by:
  • electronic/Internet sources availability.
  • budget constraints.
  • advancements in the technology used to read and produce this format.
  • present and potential relevance to the community.
  • storage space.


  • Weeding is conducted as per guidelines for the individual collection statements. Microforms are only a format, and weeding or retention must meet all the criteria of the paper or other formats they represent.