Rare Books

General Comments

The purpose of the Rare Book collection is to enhance the community's knowledge of local, state, and regional heritage by means of older, primary materials. For the Library's purposes, "rare book" is used loosely; older publications or other materials appropriate for the collection may not necessarily be rare in book market or other market terms. Donations are the most important source of materials in the collection. Materials in the collection are for in-house use only.

Development Plan

The Library does not actively seek to develop rare or valuable materials. Regional records and local or state sources make up the bulk of this collection. Additions to the collection are judged on a case by case basis. Items belonging to prominent local citizens or classics may be added.

Influencing Factors

Generally excluded from the collection are those items better suited to museum collections, requiring display areas and/or special storage areas. Audiovisual materials (e.g., early recordings or films) are not ruled out, but would be subject to especially close review. Materials of present and potential relevance to the community are considered for inclusion in the collection.


The collection being what it is, discards will be rare. Extremely poor physical condition, beyond the Library's preservation capabilities, is the one probable reason for discard.